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About Sunlaite

        Kunshan Sunlaite new energy technology co., LTD, is devoted to the research and development and sales for fuel cell. It provides fuel cell related  materials, Membrane Electrode Assemblies, Fuel cell  Stack, also offers fuel cell power system optimized for stationary and backup power application.A series of equipment related to fuel cell were developed, due to years of fuel cell research experience.And the convenience was provided to Universities and scientific research units on their fuel cell research as a result of our equipment and related technical service.

        Sunlaite own professional R&D team ,nearly 300 square meters of super clean dust-free production workshop for catalysts and Membrane Electrode Assemblies, processing workshops for Fuel cell  Stack, Power supply system and other products ,equipment machining and assembly workshop and quipment quality inspection center. Stable quality of products can be kept with complete infrastructure for R&D, manufacture , assemble  and equipment quality inspection center.